Creating a Financial Roadmap for Newcomers in Canada

While moving to Canada is a new beginning for most newcomers in many ways, we understand that it is also a continuation of everything that they have already built in their home country. Some leave their businesses and properties behind, while others may feel the lack of community support that they are used to when family members are suddenly dealing with a loss or estate planning. The learning curve can be hard and steep with the financial and tax implications that these circumstances create.

Having seen all these situations before, our Associate Consultant Paul Lee fully understands these hardships and has committed himself to helping those with similar issues and challenges to navigate the Canadian financial landscape. Whether you are a business owner looking for tax planning or earning a salary and trying to build a nest egg, Paul would love to sit down with you and work together to build a roadmap based on your individual goals and concerns.

"I moved to Canada at the age of 12 and spent most of my teenage years assisting my parents to run a small restaurant. They were hardworking people who wanted to make sure they provided a good living and bright future for us. The road was not easy for them as newcomers because they had to start over, everything was totally new, from understanding the tax system to building a nest egg. There was very little guidance and direction available to them. When I look back, I wish I had the knowledge I have now back then. This is what inspired me to work with newcomers to Canada and to help them with their finances.”   

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IG Empower Your Tomorrow

As a Canadian company, we believe in giving back in ways that can make real and meaningful differences in communities from coast-to-coast. Our commitment starts with IG Empower Your Tomorrow, a program dedicated to increasing the financial confidence of all Canadians.


By using our expertise in financial planning, we deliver foundational financial education and resources to Canadians who need it most. Through this work, we empower Indigenous Peoples, newcomers, seniors, and youth to manage their personal finances with confidence. It’s these kinds of positive changes that help create stronger communities and a better future for everyone.